EN – Zlatko Grujić Polič, cold storage worker, Ptuj Bakery, Slovenia

I am very happy with this job, because I have an excellent relationship with my boss and with my colleagues. © S4H | Racio CC  Bulgarian, English, German, Slovenian

EN – “Listen Up Foundation”, BULGARIA, Sofia

The “Listen Up Foundation” is an organisation working in the area of providing services for equal access for hearing-impaired people in Bulgaria through information technologies. We believe that [...]

EN – Kiril Savov, Bartender, BULGARIA

I am happy with my work here. I have convinced myself that we, the deaf people, can work at anything, even as bartenders. We do not hear but can do anything. © S4H | Assist Net CC  Bulgarian, [...]

EN – Dian Demirov, manager of the Margarita pastry shop, BULGARIA

“I would like to address you, the hearing people, all people that have no physical or other problems. Be more tolerant to people who cannot hear. People who cannot hear are no different from [...]

EN – Marjetka Kulovec, teacher, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

„I am Marjetka Kulovec. I am a deaf teacher. The education means a lot to me, because it gives me the general and specific knowledge. I widen my horizons and possibilities of different [...]

EN – Bay Area Bites: Thumbs Up for Pizza at Deaf-Owned Mozzeria, USA

 “I think the key is attitude. Anyone that comes in with an open mind will have no problem making a connection and quickly finding a way to communicate. Our servers are very friendly and happy to [...]

EN – Social Ministry Service, Departement Vienna

“The participation of people with disabilities within society is of great importance to the Ministry for Social Affairs as well as within the job market. We try to support that with all the means [...]

EN – Deaf people DO have interesting jobs, part 1, AUSTRALIA

Michelle O’Neill (Dental Nurse), Dale Hynes (Builder), Melanie Pritchard (Graphic Designer), Wayne Van der Poel (Truck Driver), Kathy Skellarios (Pathology Collector), Ashleig Kedge [...]

EN – Marien Pharmacy, ÖSTERREICH, Wien

„My daily routine does not differ from the routine of other pharmacists.“ (Mag. Srečo Dolanc) © S4H | equalizent CC  Bulgarian, English,German, Slovenian

EN – Gaber Rupnik, chemist, SLOVENIA

“I prove myself to the company because of my knowledge and skills.” (Gaber Rubnik) © S4H | racio CC  Bulgarian, English, German, Slovenian