EN – Bay Area Bites: Thumbs Up for Pizza at Deaf-Owned Mozzeria, USA


 “I think the key is attitude. Anyone that comes in with an open mind will have no problem making a connection and quickly finding a way to communicate. Our servers are very friendly and happy to engage with our customers. I see customers getting a thrill out of just learning how to sign a simple, ‚Thank you‘ or the sign for, ‚Pizza‘. These little things start to forge a connection.” (Russ Stein)

© Mozzaria Restaurant, www.mozzaria.com
CC Englisch, German, Bulgarian

This video has been provided to the project S4H with friendly support of:
© Mozzaria Restaurant, www.mozzaria.com

Directlink (Youtube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9DwX9Rw840

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